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A Tale of Two Palettes

Our gourmet collection is the tale of two palettes. Art historian, Diane Shipley DeCillis has been recognized for over 30 years as a leader in fine art and giftware trends. Along with owning an award-winning gallery, she has published fine art posters for some of the best museums in the country. Her husband Lou DeCillis, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, is an award-winning chef. Our wholesale lines at Everything Art are all about the aesthetic of the palettes. WeĆ­ve combined the refined palate that is culinary arts with the palette of fine art to create products that look beautiful and taste delicious. Our unique products not only make great gifts, but are also a fabulous way to treat yourself!


Geology never tasted so good! We've mined our candy quarry for these amazing chocolate rocks and jelly rocks that look like the real thing! Did you know that Idaho's state stone, the star garnet, is found only in northern Idaho and an undisclosed location in India. Or that Montana is home to the finest sapphires in the world. Each of the 50 US states is represented with a fascinating geological fact.

We celebrate art with our delicious palette of colorful geological gems. Before convenient tubes of paint, artists from the cave art period and beyond relied on natural ground pigments for color, such as red from hematite, yellow from limonite and blue from azurite and lapis. Made of milk chocolate or fruity jelly, our tasty gems look like the real thing!

Pure Milk Chocolate with a crisp candy shell.

Steep Show teas are carefully selected for quality, flavor and superior health benefits. From the art that celebrates the beauty of the human form to the intoxicating aroma and textures, we want to provide you with a tea experience that indulges body, mind and spirit. Expose yourself to the art of tea!

This wonderfully illustrated collection presents a menagerie of collective nouns for groups of animals, insects and birds.Volary of Words, meaning flight of words, is a reference to familiar and exotic collective nouns: a gaggle of geese, an unkindness of ravens, a mob of kangaroos. Perfect for library, study, living room or anywhere you desire poetic inspiration.

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