Mona Lisa Mania

Welcome to our Mona Lisa Art Gallery!

You too can own the most famous work of art in the world! Here we feature the original Mona Lisa (available in 3 sizes) and pieces by Botero, Duchamp, Basquiat, Andy Warhol and others that were created with this masterpiece in mind.

We have a variety of pieces that will appeal to Mona Lisa Maniacs around the world, and we are continually locating new pieces!

If you can't find what you're looking for please feel free to contact us with your requests.

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L.H.O.O.Q. by Duchamp

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33" x 22"

Mona Lisa by Basquiat

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38.25" x 47.25"

Mona with Keys by Leger

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24 1/8 x 33

Two Golden Monas by Warhol

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36 x 24 1/8

Manhattan Mona Lisa by Ashkar

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30 x 20

Image: 30" x 20"

Mona Lisa Gourmet Print Mangia

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13" x 18".

Mona Lisa Gourmet Print Salute

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The Mona Lisa has provided us with creative inspiration for 500 years
and continues to be the subject of poetry, plays, songs and paintings.
Her instantly recognizable image inspires reproduction, parody and countless theories. Why is the Mona Lisa smiling here? She is enjoying good food and wine! The images are original commissioned works of art designed for those with artistic taste! 13" x 18

Neo-Pop Art Mona

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Pop Portrait by Detroit artist Tom Maniaci. 13” x 18”.

Mona Latte by Eland

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11 x 14

Through a slow and sophisticated process of building upon layers of espresso, the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci has been captured in 100% Coffee Art. Archival inks and acid-free paper have been utilized to preserve the prints lifespan. Perfect for the coffee and art connoisseur !

Whose Bet? by Kite

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16 x 20

Lithograph. Signed by artist.

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