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Fox 2 News, Made in Michigan, December 7, 2010

Edible Chocolate Art: Available at Lido Gallery

Our Masterpiece Sweets edible art chocolate bars are made in Michigan! Watch Diane DeCillis with Fox 2's Jackie Paige.

Fox 2 News Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving table decor ideas with Diane DeCillis & Deena Centofanti.

Download & print your own Thanksgiving place cards designed by local artist Kelly McGuire


1. Print out your place cards on light colored cardstock

2. Use a scissors or a staight edge & exacto knife to cut along the solid black lines

3. Fold each card along the dotted line in the center of each card

4. Write your guests names with a fine tip marker or colored gel pen

5. Write something you are thankful for about that person on the inside of the card


Masterpiece Sweets featured in O Magazine

We're on the "O" LIST!

Our Masterpiece Sweets Chocolate Bars are featured in the October issue of Oprah Magazine! & Lido Gallery owner, Diane DeCillis, manufactures these edible works of art on chocolate. She has been recognized for over 30 years as a leader in fine art and giftware trends. Along with owning The Print Gallery in Southfield, MI for over 31 years, she has published fine art posters for some of the best museums in the country. Her husband Lou DeCillis, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, is an award-winning chef. Masterpiece Sweets Chocolate Bars are all about the aesthetic of the palettes. They've combined the refined palate that is culinary arts with the palette of fine art to create products that looks beautiful and taste delicious. Masterpiece Sweets Chocolate Bars make great gifts, but are also a fabulous way to treat yourself!

Shop for Masterpiece Sweets